Harvesting Time and Maturity Indices of Cucurbits

Harvesting Time and Maturity Indices of Cucurbits

Hey guys!! Today I will be jotting down the most interesting and awaited activity of the vegetable gardening.

Most of us put a lot of efforts through out the crop life cycle but just go blind with the harvesting.

In this blog I will be giving the complete info on the harvesting time and maturity indices of the veggies belonging cucurbits family.

Generally gourds are harvested at immature and mature stages with desirable size and thumbnail can easily penetrate the fruit flesh.

Bottle Gourd

Harvest Time: light green fruits, 30-35cm in length, little pubescence (hairy growth) on the skin

Ridge Gourd

ready for harvest after two weeks of flowering. Prominent ridges will be seen.

Snake Gourd

15 to 20 days after fruit set. Fruits should be light green, thick and juicy


Fruits are ready to harvest when the tendrils start turning brown, skin or rind becomes hard and the fruit becomes dense and heavy. Corking of the stem and subtle changes in rind colour.

Ash Gourd

When the stems connecting the fruit to the vine begin to shrivel, it is harvested.

Bitter Gourd

15 to 20 days after fruit set. It should be harvested before ripening. When the fruits are ready for harvest, their spines will become less pointy. The ends of spines will get round. This is the best time to harvest them.


25-30 days after fruit setting. Fruits are easily separated from the vine and netting in fruits.


Produces dull hollow sound while tapping the fruits. Rind becomes hard.


harvested at immature stage. Hairy growth on the surface will get reduced. Fruit size should be 15 cm with little wax deposit on the surface. Should be harvested before the fruit turns yellow. If it is over matured it tastes bitter.

-Chandana Venkatesh