Using coffee grounds in Gardening….!!!

Using coffee grounds in Gardening….!!!

Hey you all,

What will you do with the left over thing after making a cup of coffee…??? Of course you will be throwing it without knowing its importance. Here are some information on these coffee grounds and its importance in gardening.


  • Bug and mosquito repellent:

It keeps away the bugs and some pests which are unattracted by the smell of caffeine. And this caffeine also affects their reproductive stage of life that’s why the pests hates this smell.

  • Better soil drainage:

It helps in better soil drainage and there will be no problem of water stagnation when you apply coffee grounds to the soil.

  • Adds nutrients to soil:

It will add nutrients to the soil and it’s the main source of Nitrogen where in it helps in better shoot growth by adding that nutrient in soil.

  • Acts as a fertilizer:

It mainly adds nutrients there by it acts the role of fertilizers too. It attracts worms and helps in enriching vermicompost nutritional status.

  • Acts as cat repellent:

It keeps your cat away from your garden. So don’t worry now about the pets that affect your garden and that pull out the soil from the planters or pots.

  • Can make your own compost:

You can prepare your own compost with the help of these coffee grounds where in it makes your compost porous and adds nutrients to it.

  • As a mulch:

You can even use coffee grounds as a mulch to maintain the moisture level that is being lost in plants during summer. So there by it maintains the soil temperature and helps in better root growth.

  • It keeps slugs and snails away from the plant

Just like how the pest hates the smell of caffeine, these slugs and snails also hates the smell of it. There by it keeps them away and protects your garden being damaged by them.

  • For micro greens

You can even use this coffee grounds for micro greens to enrich its nutrient content

How to apply: Dig holes in the soil and apply these used coffee grounds in it. Or you can even apply it on the surface of the soil and mix it with the soil.

-Soumya. H. S