White fly

White fly

Many of you people have seen very tiny white coloured flies or insects in your garden, but don’t know what exactly it was??? So here we can learn about these insects now…

What are white flies?

White flies are very small and tiny insects, white in colour, which suck the sap from the plants. It is also called as Sucking pest. These insects are very much active during the day time. They are common pest in Green Houses.

How to Identify

These insects are often found in clusters on the lower side of leaves. When we touch the plant flies will fly off. Eggs of white flies laid in small circles can be found on lower side of the leaves which are pale yellow initially and become brownish when eggs are hatched. Adult insects are small and triangle in shape. /p>

How it will damage?

White flies Suck the plant juice which results in sticky like substances on lower side of leaves. At later stages we can observe black sooty mould on the leaves. This infestation will reduce the rate of Photosynthesis, and plants get stunted growth.

Damaging symptoms?

  • Improper growth of the plants.
  • Curling of leaves
  • White colour web on lower surface of leaves.
  • At later stages the plant will get viral diseases
  • Black colour sooty mould on leaves